Recipes for Hackers

So I’m looking at the recipe for tonight’s dinner online. Not that it particularly matters, but I find myself wondering how many servings I’ll get out of the recipe, so I search the page for “serv” to find “Serves” or “Servings”. I found this, right where you’d expect “Serves n people” to be:

Serves HASH(0x3bfbae8)

Maybe if I knew what hash function they were using, I could figure it out. Also, that’s either the most easily-reversible hash function I’ve ever seen, or they did a lot of trial and error to make the rainbow table for 1 to¬†n servings.

Reviewing Code Leads to Back Pain

OK, so that’s rather a clickbait-y title, but in my case it’s true. For the last 5 years or so, I’ve used a standing desk for work. It’s done wonders for the lower back pain I used to have all the time. For the most part, it works great – I can write code standing up until the cows come home.

Problem is, though, not all of my job consists of writing code. There’s a good amount of code review I have to do, too. The problem isn’t so much reviewing code (which I’m pretty much always happy to do), rather, for some reason, I find it basically impossible to review code while standing up.

Since I’ve been having one of those weeks where it seems like I have more code to review than I do time, I’ve been spending most of this week sitting down. And so, my back hurts, and it’s got me thinking about this problem. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t stand up while reviewing code because I don’t view it as an “active” task in the way I do writing code. I wonder – if I start forcing myself to stand, will that make me view reviewing code as “active” thus making it easier to stand for future code review sessions? Or do I have to do something to make myself think of reviewing code as “active” first, before my subconscious will make it feel ok to stand while reviewing?